Human profiles

Human beings that are already humanizing the world

Companies you can interact with
(complain, suggest, request, ask or thank)

Politicians you can already qualify their ethics and humanity

Human organizations and projects you can collaborate with

How can you humanize the world?

Supporting and buying only to human brands

Buy to companies, support to organizations and vote to political parties that you consider are really human.


Supporting and creating human projects


Who is part of the Humans´Network?


Human beings like you who want to change the world

Companies, professionals and local businesses

Companies from whatever sector, professionals (sportsmen, sportswomen, bankers, journalists, directors,…), and local businesses (restaurants, bank branches, hotels,...)

Public institutions and politicians

Politicians, political parties, governments, public institutions,...

Organizations and projects

NGOs, foundations, schools, movements, religious institutions, projects (environmental, social and human, in defense of animals,...)

The new human ecosystem we all live in (where we all are)

Human beings

We want to connect everyone with the world's values and conscience

Private sector


Companies, professionals and local businesses

Public sector


Public institutions and politicians

Third sector


Organizations and projects

And you yourself can create the profile you want to interact with and rate its ethics and humanity

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